Chip and Penny

About Chip and Penny

Chip and Penny is an online casino review website. We're determined to help players discovering new online casinos. But not only this, we want to shine the light on on terms and conditions. We're also game experts with long lasting and successful career in the online gambling industry. And both Chip and Penny were senior advisors and marketing experts. Our goal is to make sure players find the best game based on their play preferences. To do this we've developped an extensive filtering mechanic unique to chipandpenny.

Chip and Penny e promises to deliver winnings strategy and to always hunt the web for the best online casino offers. The site is currently in its early stage but both Chip and Penny have a great vision for it and a true passion for online gambling so you can expect lots of changed in the coming months as the site evolves.

Who are Chip and Penny?

Of course, Chip and Penny are acronyms, but real people with real online casino experiences are behind them!

Penny was an online casino manager for many years who run successful online casino campaigns for tier 1 casino such as Betsson, Thrills and Guts. After several years working for other people, she decided to start her own website and bridge the gap between the affiliate world and the casino world. So she founded Chip and Penny a website that is aimed at offer casino players more choices! Penny understands the importance of compelling offers she's also an expert negotiator who has developed over the years great relationship with many casino affiliate manager. She's always on the lookout to find the best deals for her players.

Chip, on the other hand, is a customer care specialist who is an expert at terms and conditions. He has served as senior advicors for renown tear one casino and has even won awards for the excellence of his work. Chip is also a very clever guy who had a long career as a professional poker player and knows just about everything about table games and game rules. He has helped many casino players understanding the laws and regulations of online casinos. Not only this Chip is a tech guru with a visionary vision and is the main architect behind Chip and Penny.

What can you find on this site?

Unlike other casino review website, Chip and Penny is focused on providing players with relevant information based on their preferences. From game feature to the type of welcome bonus desired. Not everyone plays casino the same way and not all players like the same games so it goes without saying that a website should give players the possibility to display content based on their preferences.

Of course players will be able to find the no deposit required welcome offer and free spins offers, but also get exclusive welcome bonuses that have been carefully negotiated by the team.